High Tides’ self-titled debut to realign your chakra with good vibes, out soon on TOBACCO’s Rad Cult

High Tides' self-titled debut to realign your chakra with good vibes, out soon on TOBACCO's Rad Cult

Thomas Fec (a.k.a TOBACCO) isn’t instantly synonymous with good taste. In fact, for a dude who’s graced our lives with the likes of the Maniac Meat cover art and given us jams with titles like “Lick the Witch” and “New Juices from the Hot Tub Freaks,” you’d be more inclined to slot him into the bad-taste quadrant of any “good taste/bad taste” Venn diagram, in a totally awesome Brechtian-subverting-the-dominant-paradigm way of course.

But here’s something you can slot into the good-taste quadrant of the abovementioned TOBACCO Venn diagram, and it comes via his label Rad Cult, which will be soon releasing the self-titled debut of the Malibu-based (psychicly, if not physically) electro outfit High Tides.

As the alter-ego of The Red Falcon Projects, High Tides have been tinkering along since about 2011, aiming to create a sound that evokes “daydreams of the lavish shores of Southern California, sun-faded memories of yacht rock” abetted along the way by TOBACCO who slung them good vibes and remix duties.

You can cop a load of the fully realized High Tides vision via the lead single “Coastal Cruise ‘86” below:

High Tides is out July 31 via Rad Cult and is up for pre-order via the band’s Bandcamp now.

High Tides tracklist:

01. 7 Miles Beach
02. Blurring My Day (High Tides Version)
03. Sunware
04. Psychic Love Damage (High Tides Version)
05. The Beach Elder
06. Coastal Cruise ‘86
07. Face Breakout (High Tides Version)
08. Ripped Tide
09. Eruption (High Tides Version)
10. The Sunset Tanz

• High Tides: https://www.facebook.com/hightidesvibes
• Rad Cult: http://radcult.net

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