Hip-hop on Sub Pop? BWUUUUUUUUH? It’s true, Shabazz Palaces sign to Sub Pop for debut album

Hip-hop on Sub Pop? BWUUUUUUUUH? It's true, Shabazz Palaces sign to Sub Pop for debut album

Look, I know Sub Pop is a big label that covers plenty of stylistic ground in the acts they sign. But hip-hop on Sub Pop? Well, I never! Except I’m going to have to go ahead and change that “never” to an “ever,” because spacey hip-hop outfit Shabazz Palaces have signed to the label. Once upon a time last year, the group was self-releasing a pair of EPs: Of Light and Shabazz Palaces. But those days are over now! Instead, they’ll be releasing a full-length through Sub Pop next year.

Until then, they’ll be playing a couple of noteworthy shows. The first will be at The Stranger’s Genius Awards Party, having been the first recipient of the publication’s Genius Award for Music. That show will take place at Seattle’s Moore Theatre on September 17. Shabazz Palaces will also be hitting up another prestigious venue by playing the American Museum of Natural History on October 15, as part of a FADER-produced monthly music series called “One Step Beyond.”

Hey, did you know one of the guys in Shabazz Palaces used to be in Digable… oh never mind, you probably already know.

• Shabazz Palaces: http://shabazzpalaces.com
• Sub Pop: http://www.subpop.com

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