Gettin’ Synthy with It: Holger Records releases new recordings by Weber

Gettin' Synthy with It: Holger Records releases new recordings by Weber

Weber is the avant-garde synthpunk/Kraut/something project of a fella named, appropriately enough, Philipp Weber. The Leipzig, Germany resident is also half of the drum/synth/guitar Krautrock duo Webermichelson, a Holger Records mainstay. Weber’s debut album, called simply, eins, came out a year ago. These Leipzigians, they are economical with their naming possibilities.

Now Weber is back! With a release called zwei! (It means “two” in German.) There’s a little bit of dance noise happening on this one, with of course a good dose of experimentation and cold synthy nighttime sounds. The six-track recording comes in both digital and 12-inch vinyl formats and is available on May 18.


A1. Intro
A2. Sklt
A3. Dr. Clapper
A4. The Bug
B1. B1 / Warten
B2. No4

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