Hope you like the brown acid: Animal Collective announced as curators of ATP UK in May 2011

Hope you like the brown acid: Animal Collective announced as curators of ATP UK in May 2011

Hot damn. If anyone out there is still even keeping count of the feathers in the cap (or in their case, feathers in the spooky Native American headdress) that keep getting overnight UPS’ed to Animal Collective HQ faster than their full-time salaried administrative assistants can process them, then chalk up another one on the big board: the venerable party-starters at All Tomorrow’s Parties have just announced on their website that Avey, Panda, and the whole lovable gang will headline and curate the one and only ATP festival taking place in May 2011! Mark your calendars, folks. AncoTP is going down at Butlins Holiday Centre in Minehead, England next May 13-15. And guess what? They’re bringing a bunch of their asshole friends to the party.

Says ATP promoter Barry Hogan: “I always wondered what kind of mixtape Animal Collective would put together, so we are really stoked that they are climbing into the curating hot seat at Butlins next May.” Well, aside from The Animal Collectives themselves, the bill is already stocked with the likes of Gang Gang Dance, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Broadcast, Black Dice, Meat Puppets (performing Up on the Sun), The Frogs (performing It’s Only Right & Natural), I.U.D., Omar-S, Prince Rama, Spectrum, Dent May, Group Doueh, The Brothers Unconnected, Deradoorian, Zomby, Vladislav Delay, and Sublime Frequencies DJs and films. And those are just the first-round draft picks! Many more will be rolled out soon. Tickets for this bonanza go on sale this Friday, October 29 from ATP’s website. Maybe buy a pair for your ol’ pal Nobodaddy while you’re there?

In other news, did anyone hear about how Animal Collective single-handedly rescued a bunch of trapped Chilean miners?

• ATP: http://www.atpfestival.com
• Animal Elective: http://myanimalhome.net

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