HP to introduce cloud-based music soon. Or possibly music-based clouds. That’d be way more next-level.

HP to introduce cloud-based music soon. Or possibly music-based clouds. That'd be way more next-level.

Okay, we’re through the looking-glass here, people. It seems that Hewlett Packard (the people who make that printer with the SD card thing that your mom doesn’t know how to work) will soon join Amazon in beating the rest of the heavy favorites to the launch of one of those wait-what’s-the-catch?, tenuously-legal cloud music things you’re always hearing about on Tiny Mix Tapes. According to a post on preCentral late last week, this latest proverbial case of coming too soon is being half-assedly propagated in the PowerPoint presentation that HP is using to hock its up-and-coming TouchPad computer tablet to all the small and medium businesses that aren’t too above sitting through a PowerPoint presentation.

The TouchPad, which drops this summer, will apparently come with this stuff that the boys in HP Labs are calling ‘software.’ This software uses LITERAL CLOUDS (maybe?) to sync and store music on the device remotely no matter where in the world you are. Even Google, Kansas. In other nonsense geek-talk, HP also plans to use a “smart algorithm” that will “ensure that the music the user is most likely to listen to is cached locally on the device,” as well as allowing users to “stream music that they don’t yet own,” even to HP smartphones that have the newest OS. People that are up on this sort of thing will note that these claims are a little snazzier than Amazon’s current cloud music operation, which, you know, also make them a little more SUABLE.

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