Hype Williams’ Dean Blunt reissues The Narcissist II mixtape on Hippos in Tanks

Hype Williams' Dean Blunt reissues The Narcissist II mixtape on Hippos in Tanks

Back in February, Hype Williams genius Dean Blunt released a mixtape called The Narcissist II, a sort of precursor to Dean Blunt and Inga Copelands’ Hyperdub LP Black Is Beautiful. The 30-minute downloadable mixtape sounded like a travelogue of all the states of late-night urban ennui, as narrated by a laudanum-addicted Barry White trapped in a Victrola. Plus, it had Inga, the other half of Hype Williams, providing soporific and seductive vocals on the title track. It was a mini-masterpiece, now lost to the magical tides of the internet.

But no longer! The good people over at Hippos in Tanks/World Music have decided to give this thing a proper coming-out party and send it off into the world in all its remixed and remastered glory come November 26. You can get this thing as a digital download or as a limited-edition vinyl dealie. And stay tuned, because word on the street is that The Narcissist III is in the works!

• Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland: http://youtube.com/pollyjacobsen
• Hippos In Tanks: http://hipposintanks.net

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