Hype Williams return with Guccistreams 2

Hype Williams return with Guccistreams 2

“Topics: They only give you flowers when you can’t smell em. Well imma give you trees when you can inhale em”
– High Beams, Archive.org

Early this morning, Hyperdub tweeted out a new release from Hype Williams, the seemingly fabled 18-year “relay project” best known for introducing us to now ex-members Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland. Titled Guccistreams 2 — an apparent follow-up to 2010’s Getting Along Just Shines / Guccistreams EP — the four-track release captures a subdued, free-flowing series of chunky synths, flopping bass riffs, and swerving guitar lines. I should probably say “woozy” too.

Guccistreams 2 follows last year’s return with 10 / 10, the first Hype Williams release in recent years to not feature Dean Blunt or Inga Copeland. It was uploaded to Archive.org by a user named High Beams, who hadn’t uploaded any Hype Williams materials since 2010. (Go here to check out some early Hype Williams material, including the first Guccistreams EP and the High Beams EP.)

Get reel by listening to Guccistreams 2 here or here:

Guccistreams 2 tracklist:

01. gelato
02. zkittles
03. iceprincess
04. mendo

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