Hyperdub celebrates 10 years with second of four compilations featuring Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland, Jessy Lanza, Kode9, more

Hyperdub celebrates 10 years with second of four compilations featuring Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland, Jessy Lanza, Kode9, more

Many years ago, in a time nearly forgotten, a seed was planted. That seed grew into a tall tall tree. Eventually that tree was cut down, a victim of humankind’s ever-expanding need to bend the Earth to its will. The wood from that tree was worked by the rough hands of a man with marital troubles, and eventually it found its way into a factory that created lumber for home construction. That wood then went on to make up the framework of one Steve Goodman’s childhood home, and, at least in part, it was that home that led Goodman, under the guise of his Kode9 moniker, to form Hyperdub as a webzine back in 2000 and a label in 2004. And thus, here were are today, 10 years hence from that storied day in 2004.

The above was an example of how someone can bullshit about the passage of time. Hyperdub, who are in fact turning 10 this year, aren’t doing any of that. Instead, as we already told you once you forgetful goober, they’re releasing four compilations containing highlights from their few years as a label as well as a few new tracks thrown in to the mix. We’ve already seen their first comp (grab it here), which showcased the grimey/dancey/footwork-y end of the label’s discography, and now the label has announced the second comp. Planned for release on July 22, Hyperdub 10.2 plays up the label’s more R&B-leaning side, featuring tracks new and old from Jessy Lanza, Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland, Cooly G, and Kode9 himself. The label also has a few celebratory dates left featuring several of the artists on this second comp, which I’ll list below. Aaaannnnd, rumor has it they’re planning a US tour for early fall, so keep your ticket-purchasing fingers limber.

Hyperdub 10.2 tracklist:

01. Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - Signal 2012
02. Burial - Shell of Light
03. Jessy Lanza - 5785021
04. Cooly G - Obsessed
05. Fhloston Paradigm - Never Defeated (feat. Rachel Claudio)
06. DVA - Solid (feat. Zaki Ibrahim)
07. Ikonika - I Know (That U Are The 1) (feat. Dam-Funk)
08. Morgan Zarate - Pusher Taker (feat. Roses Gabor)
09. Jessy Lanza - You and Me
10. Morgan Zarate - Sticks & Stones (feat. Eska & Ghostface Killah)
11. DVA - Just Vybe (Soule Power Mix) (feat. Fatima)
12. Terror Danjah - You Make Me Feel (feat. Meleka)
13. DJ Rashad - Only One (feat. Spinn & Taso)
14. Kode9 - Lies Lies Lies (feat. copeland)


06.13.14 - Berlin, Germany - Berghain $
06.14.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Be Cool %

$ Kode9, Scratcha DVA, DJ Spinn & Taso, Laurel Halo, Cooly G, Kuedo
% Kode9, DJ Spinn, Scratcha DVA, Cooly G, Ikonika

• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

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