If You Give A Beach A House She’ll Just Ask For Another Album, Add UK Tour

Comin' at you LIVE from downtown Hollywood with slightly stale news on the latest from Baltimore wunderkind duo Beach House. Surely you remember their debut album from last year, a collection of chopped and
screwed Yo La Tengo remixes? Well, they've finally acquired the rights to a couple more YLT songs and they've got a sizable dollop of Vaseline to smear all over the finished product, so the go ahead for second album's production is now, now, now! That slab of wax will be available in the cool early morning of February 26 in the year of our Lord 2008, via Carpark Records.

Devotion is its name, which according to the cover art implies a devotion to eating a full cake in one sitting among two waifish musicians. The tracklist can be perused forthwith:

Now back to you, Mango Starr.

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