Indie Kids Do Madonna; Robert Palmer Jealous

Hey male reader: I know your type. Let’s see, she’s got dark, chestnut hair that you play with while singing her Neutral Milk Hotel. Thick-framed glasses trap her pensive eyes, and she is always wearing some crazy outfit: suspenders with a plaid skirt or some colonial button-up. She is the typical indie girl, and she is your kryptonite. How many of these have you dated? Well, probably not many because you’re the typical indie boy, and when you fall for a girl, you fall hard. But, regardless, your eyes are always on the lookout for that one in Mary Janes carrying some original pressing of the Velvet Underground.

That’s fine, but get ready for this. There is going to be a Madonna tribute CD, titled Through the Wilderness: a tribute to Madonna. Some of the bands? Indie rawkers! Well, I don’t know if they’re categorized as indie, but you know, left-of-the-dial. To name a few, Devandra Banhart, Ariel Pink, and Giant Drag.

You are probably wondering what the parallel between my first paragraph and the second one is. Well, if our good friends from the indie world can crossover and cover Madonna, shouldn’t you be able to broaden your horizons and date that chick who's always wearing Greek letters on her sweater? Purchase this Madonna tribute and stand your ground. Deny the Annie Hardy wannabe and go straight for the next Ugg-wearing, blonde fun-having, fake tan-sporting Ashley to walk by you on the way to your vegan lunch. Wait, why stop with girls? Take a break from veganism. Go to your local sports bar and wash down a medium-rare steak with some beer and yell derogatory things at the cheerleaders on the big screen. Put away your Ray Ban wayfarers and strap on some damn Oakleys! If you are ever in doubt of this new lifestyle, just think, “What would Banhart do?”

1. Giant Drag - "Oh Father"
2. Bat for Lashes with Moon and Moon - "Justify My Love"
3. Lavender Diamond - "Like a Prayer"
4. The Tyde - "Hung Up"
5. Ariel Pink - "Like a Virgin"
6. VietNam - "Human Nature"
7. Mountain Party with Devendra Banhart - "Material Girl"
8. The Bubonic Plague - "Who's That Girl"
9. Siddhartha - "Holiday"
10. The Chapin Sisters - "Borderline"
11. Winter Flowers - "Live to Tell"
12. The Pangaeans - "Impressive Instant"
13. Alexandra Hope - "Lucky Star"
14. Jonathan Wilson - "La Isla Bonita"
15. Lion of Panjshir - "Crazy for You"
16. The Prayers - "Cherish"
17. Women and Children - "Burning Up"
18. Golden Animals - "Beautiful Stranger"

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