Indie retailers and Record Store Day launch “Vinyl Tuesdays”… FINALLY records will be available on Tuesdays

Indie retailers and Record Store Day launch "Vinyl Tuesdays"... FINALLY records will be available on Tuesdays

You love spending money on Record Store Day! So, what if every week there was another Record Store Day? How much would you love spending money on THAT? I mean, well, technically there is, because records come out every single week of our collective lives, but do those weeks have special RSD-branded days? No!


You see, my friends, The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) would like to induct you into the dark ritual (dark for your wallet, maybe) of Vinyl Tuesdays, a Record Store Day-supported initiative where exclusive, limited, what-have-you vinyl releases will be available exclusively at participating brick ‘n’ mortar retailers. This would include promotional releases, pre-releases (where you can pick up an artist’s new album ahead of its official sanctioned release date, special-edition catalog releases, RSD releases, and previously CD- or digital-only releases, cathartic releases, catch and releases, you get the picture. Coming soon to a Tuesday near you.

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