Islam Chipsy & EEK to excite the UK this December

Islam Chipsy & EEK to excite the UK this December

Move over Andrew W.K., and if there’s an individual among reader cliques who sulks at amusement parks and sits in the corner drinking skim milk at objectively non-douchey house parties, tell him or her to ride, fly, or swim in order to catch EEK (Islam Chipsy, alongside drummers Islam Ta’ta and Khaled Mondo) at one of their just-announced shows in the UK next month. The trio has a reputation for getting wedding attendees in its native Egypt to not just hit, but also bludgeon the dance floor, and you certainly appreciate the reaction if 2014’s Live At the High Cairo Cinema Institute found its way through your speakers, courtesy of Nashazphone and verbally bolstered by Alan Bishop. Consider this year’s studio-recorded Kahraba and it’s clear that the Chipsy style has an uncanny knack for replacing jugs of Monster. Caffeine’s kind of bad for you, anyway.

His and their music is unabashedly relentless! The duration of the tour is decidedly less so, unfortunately, but there’s little point in criticizing when this is seemingly their first time taking the party to more than a one-off beyond their home region. And they’re traveling to some pretty solid venues, too. Bristolians not attending the Arnolfini show (also) featuring Richard Dawson should feel bad at least until the new year.

Dates after the title track from Kahraba:

12.09.15 - Bradford, UK - FUSE
12.10.15 - Glasgow, UK - Glue Factory
12.11.15 - Colchester, UK - Arts Centre
12.12.15 - Bristol, UK - Arnolfini (w/ Richard Dawson)
12.13.15 - Sheffield, UK - DINA
12.15.15 - Norwich, UK - Arts Centre
12.16.15 - London, UK - London Contemporary Music Festival

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