Jacuzzi Boys get out of the water long enough to announce a sophomore full-length, then jump in the pool to cool off

Jacuzzi Boys get out of the water long enough to announce a sophomore full-length, then jump in the pool to cool off

You may have heard about Jacuzzi Boys if you’re one of many who dabble in the latest trend of 60s-inspired garage rock bands, or if you’re from Miami and enjoy the sparse local scene not hailing from Gainesville. These guys have released splits and 7-inches with King Khan, Nobunny, Vivian Girls, and Woven Bones, so if you’re one of the aforementioned dabblers and know your stuff, you’ve heard them. The trio’s debut full-length, No Seasons, came out in 2009 on the Orlando label Floridas Dying, and two years later, they’ve announced a second full-length, this time to be released on Hardly Art.

Despite the sunshine, citrus-packed diet, and speedos that Florida has to offer, the Jacuzzi Boys left their home state to record the new album, Glazin’, in Benton Harbor, Michigan, at a studio closest in name to one you might find down in the great retirement sector of the South (Key Club Studios). According to guitarist/lead singer Gabriel Alcala, the production is definitely a step up from that on No Seasons: “While No Seasons was a primal wallop, Glazin’ has a slight sheen of a studio environment. Moving beyond the beauty and harshness inherent in a life spent within a single climate, Glazin’ instead offers a take on the culture that surrounds that environment: girls, cruising, air conditioning, and ‘raspberry feelings.’” Right, guys. Living in Miami and wearing short sleeves in December is just so hard. It truly is miserable when the possibilities of layering and scarves are abolished from your personal style options.

Glazin’ is out on August 30, when the average temperature in Miami is about 90 degrees and even the most attractive person starts to look like Iggy Pop (a confirmed fan — kind of) after a couple hours in the sun. Just remember not to leave your vinyl copy in the car if you run post-record-store errands.

Glazin’ tracklisting:

01. Vizcaya
02. Automatic Jail
03. Glazin’
04. Cool Vapors
05. Libras and Zebras
06. Crush
07. Silver Sphere (Death Dream)
08. Zeppelin
09. Los Angeles
10. Koo Koo with You

• Jacuzzi Boys: http://www.myspace.com/jacuzziboys
• Hardly Art: http://www.hardlyart.com

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