Jaguar Love Loves Fat Possum, Fat Possum Signs Jaguar Love as a Sign of Mutual Affection

Remember the heyday of 2003? The Blood Brothers had just put out their breakthrough record, Burn, Piano Island, Burn, and Fat Possum was still exclusively putting out records from Mississippi blues musicians. At the time, the two worlds couldn’t seem farther apart. But time goes by, bands break up, labels start signing bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Wavves, and the two worlds come closer together. So close that Fat Possum ends up signing Jaguar Love, the current band of former Blood Brothers Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato.

At the moment, the band is preparing to enter the studio with producer John Goodmason, who worked on the final two Blood Brothers records, to record the group’s Fat Possum debut. The Take Me to the Sea (TMT Review) follow-up should be out sometime in early 2010. Whitney and Votolato currently have 18 songs written for the new record, 10 or 11 of which should make it onto the album. The duo plan to release the rest of the songs via online channels, giveaways, and bonus tracks.

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