James Ferraro is touring Europe this fall to determine if NYC, HELL really is other people

James Ferraro is touring Europe this fall to determine if NYC, HELL really is other people

Ahead of the October 15 release of his upcoming full-length NYC, HELL 3:00 AM on Hippos in Tanks, everyone’s favorite iPad-slinging sushi chef has announced he’ll be heading out into that cold European night to show some select folks what it looks like when he brings the late-capitalism rock IRL. Pretty sweet. Also, take note, Ferraro referred to the dates listed below as the “European leg” of the tour, and as you know, most organisms don’t just have one leg, but often as many as four. So… James Ferraro world tour confirmed?

Additional dates or no, if you look closely at the pretty little ones we can confirm, you’ll notice that one of the Poland dates is with Dean Blunt, and that the date in Germany is with Inga Copeland. Looks like in addition to being the king of music that sounds like it’s from both the future and the past all at once, Mr. Ferraro is looking to dip his toes in a little bit of couples counseling. Or maybe he’s just a gossip go-between? Or maybe Inga Copeland doesn’t refer to Inga Copeland after all. Maybe it’s more misdirection, a trick. Maybe this tour announcement is just a covert way of letting us all know that the disbanded Christian indie rock band Copeland are finally giving the people what they want, i.e., a one-off reunion date in Germany.


10.16.13 - Krakow, Poland - Kazimierz Club #
10.17.13 - Krakow, Poland - Unsound Festival
10.18.13 - Lisbon, Portugal - Musicbox
10.19.13 - Oslo, Norway - Bla
10.21.13 - Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser Strand
10.23.13 - Rome, Italy - Dal Verme
10.24.13 - Florence, Italy - Aria Art Gallery
10.25.13 - Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), Italy - Codalunga
10.26.13 - Berlin, Germany - Urban Spree %
10.27.13 - Savona, Italy - Raindogs
10.31.13 - Luzern, Switzerland - Südpol
11.01.13 - Brussels, Belgium - Subbacultcha! Belgium @ UNIZO
11.02.13 - Hesca, Spain - Periferia Festival
11.06.13 - Prague, Czech Republic - STIMUL Festival
11.07.13 - Helsinki, Finland - Korjaamo
11.08.13 - Tallinn, Estonia - Mutant Disco
11.09.13 - Den Haag, Netherlands - REWIRE Festival
11.10.13 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Dox Festival

# “Watch the Throne” w/ Dean Blunt
% Inga Copeland

• James Ferraro: http://twitter.com/LIL_ICEBUNNY
• Hippos in Tanks: http://hipposintanks.net

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