James Ferraro releases new suite of ringtones called FUKU-TONE

James Ferraro releases new suite of ringtones called FUKU-TONE

Don’t get me wrong. Listening start-to-finish to upliftingly dystopian, TMT-approved albums by the artist-currently-known-as James Ferraro while I kill huge amounts of time “engaging my core more while shoplifting” and imagine James Franco driving in a Ferrari is GREAT and all… but you know what? Sometimes I just don’t have that kind of time on my hands, and I wish I could incorporate this man and his terrifying music into my life on a slightly saner and smaller scale. Call me crazy.

No, I mean: seriously. CALL ME. Like, ON MOBILE. Because I just discovered this new suite of ringtones that Ferraro has released. Yeah, he’s done this before, and once again, this newest little collection of doom-sounds, called FUKU-TONE (and grouped together as “Crisis Tones for your Smartphone” on his Soundcloud), comes courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

Check out the complete list of tones below, and follow the instructions on how to download. Once you’re done, you too can enjoy the feeling that our whole society is entirely FUCKED every time your sinister, untrustworthy mobile device rings. Here’s to an obsessively paranoid future! May it be as short as it is abysmal!


Glistening Debris
Nuclear_ Oceancide
Synthetic Bamboo
For The World
Millenial Rubber
Clean Wave Pipes
Cat Scan
ISO 40001 Plastic
Haptic Waste Field
Cellular Hazard
Hydration Screen
Fake Iceberg
Metal Carbohydrate
_Ozone Layer Foods
Chemical Burn
Planet Drain

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