Japanese trio Eartaker prep debut album Harmonics for Bedouin Records

Japanese trio Eartaker prep debut album Harmonics for Bedouin Records

Whoa, Nelly is this some seriously hard shit.

In the first few seconds, you’ll realize “Eartaker” is an understatement. Something more like Eardefiler or Eardestroyer would be better. Yeah, we’re talking about that blisteringly hot noise that puts hair on your chest (and other places).

So who are these Eartaker guys? Well, the trio consists of Japanese dubstep producer Goth-Trad, plus noise artist Masayuki Imanishi…then there’s Diesuck contributing those lovely vocals. They formed in 2017 because, you know, there just wasn’t enough doom-noise stuff out there. Happy to have you.

Check out the onslaught of their upcoming album Harmonics, out September 28 on Bedouin, via first taste “Iron Trivet” down below:

Harmonics tracklisting:

01. Our Possession
02. Iron Trivet
03. Nue
04. Ground Spider
05. A Lady Who Experienced Necromancy
06. Killing Stone
07. Stupa
08. Dojo-ji Temple
09. Black Mound

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