The Jesus Lizard Bring the Greatest Gift of All to This Year’s Record Store Day: A Box Set of Out-of-Print 7-inches, No Egg Nog

Thank god Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and all those sham holidays are over, and we can now prepare for the greatest holiday ever to grace modern-day calendars! No, I am not talking about St. Patrick's Day, that celebratory evening full of green beer and sexy lady leprechauns. I am speaking, of course, about Record Store Day. Last year at the store I work at, we got free commemorative t-shirts! WOW! But this year, there's even more. This year, there is The Jesus Lizard 7-inch box set.

Yes, you can only get it on Record Store Day. Yes, it contains every 7-inch single Touch and Go ever released by The Jesus Lizard, all of which have been out of print for at least half a decade. This is like finding a unicorn that leads you to a special treasure that only appears for a brief moment in time -- in this particular case, April 18 at your local independent Record Store Day-participating store. For, you see, this boxset not only contains all these singles, but also super rare stuff like the track "Puss," originally found on a split with Nirvana, and "Gladiator," which was given out at a 1992 show at London's Brixton Academy and NOWHERE ELSE.

They're calling the boxset INCH, and it's gonna go fast. And in case you've been living in a noiseless, nonabrasive cave, The Jesus Lizard are reuniting this year for a handful of shows and playing the upcoming ATP: The Fans Strike Back in England this May 8-10.

INCH tracklisting:

- "Chrome" b/w "7 vs 8"
- "Mouthbreather" b/w "Sunday You Need Love"
- "Wheelchair Epidemic" b/w "Dancing Naked Ladies"
- "Gladiator" (live) b/w "Seasick" (live)
- "Puss"

Lash 3x7" containing:

- "Glamorous" b/w "Deaf as a Bat"
- "Lady Shoes" (live) b/w "Killer McHann" (live)
- "Bloody Mary" (live) b/w "Monkey Trick" (live)
- "(Fly) On (the Wall)" b/w "White Hole"
05.08.09 - Minehead, England - ATP: The Fans Strike Back
05.11.09 - London, England - The Forum

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