O’Snap! Jim O’Rourke starts a Bandcamp page to release eight unreleased/barely released albums!

O'Snap! Jim O'Rourke starts a Bandcamp page to release eight unreleased/barely released albums!

Spit out your gross vegan lunches, you skinny-fat bastards! Jim O’Rourke just did something DIGITAL while you were picking your ass in the Whole Foods food court line. Apparently, he’s launched an awesome new Bandcamp page for himself, which he’s gone and populated the fuck out of with eight (count ‘em, 8) totally rare (if ever released at all) virtual Jim O’Rourke releases! O’Shit!

Yup, collected under the awesome titles of Steamroom 1—8, each obscure release can be yours for a modest $7 USD (which is probably cheaper than your dumb lunch was), and each comes with a tidy little description that details exactly where each release comes from. (For example, Steamroom 1 says: “Recorded 2012. Originally released as a tour cd for the Christoph Heemann / Will Long / Jim O’Rourke 2013 Japan Tour.”)

Each release also says “please download best possible quality,” so don’t fuck this up the same way you fucked up the gluten-free-ness of your tofu burger by putting mustard made from grain vinegar all over the top of it. O’Rourke will KNOW. And he will ruin you.

• Jim O’Rourke: http://steamroom.bandcamp.com

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