Jon Brion’s period-correct score for Lady Bird film coming next month to help transport you back to pop music’s golden era of 2002.

Jon Brion's period-correct score for Lady Bird film coming next month to help transport you back to pop music's golden era of 2002.

Don’t sleep on this one, millennial aesthetes: the score to the MOST ACCLAIMED MOVIE OF ALL TIME is getting its official release on CD and vinyl on February.

The film in question, of course, is Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut, Lady Bird; and the score in question was composed by noted film composer/sometime power pop genius Jon Brion. The release is via Fire Soundtracks and Lakeshore Records.

Full disclosure: I haven’t seen Lady Bird yet. But my secondhand understanding is that the film tells a coming of age story against the backdrop of the early aughts. (This makes it one of the first major movies I’m aware of to crystallize in cultural memory an era I actually lived through – I was eight in 2002.) And the major music-related story about the film hasn’t been about Brion’s score, but instead about the clutch of period-specific tracks Gerwig secured use of in the film, among them Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash Into Me” and Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River,” along with the personal letters Gerwig wrote to each artist in order to secure the rights to their songs, which have been made public.

However, it’s interesting to note that Brion’s score, or more specifically the fact that it’s Brion who composed it, can serve as another period-correct detail: the film takes place in 2002, which is right in the middle of Jon Brion’s most prolific and acclaimed period of scorework — his relationship with Paul Thomas Anderson was in bloom, with Magnolia out in 1999 and Punch-Drunk Love released that very year. Damn, this film must be really good. I should probably see it.

In addition to very-2002-appropriate CD version (pre-order-able here), the Lady Bird score will be issued on standard and limited-edition white vinyl versions (here and here). Check out a preview below, as well as the full tracklisting, and get nostalgic for those good old days when gas cost like $1.30 and really cool people still smoked cigarettes indoors sometimes.

Lady Bird OST tracklisting:

01. Title Credits
02. Sign Up
03. Drive Home
04. LB/Danny
05. Pick Up
06. Lady Bird Kiss
07. Rose Garden
08. LB Steals Math Grade Book
09. Thanksgiving in Sacramento
10. Coffee Shop
11. Hope
12. More Hope
13. Consolation
14. Hope Against Hope
15. Model Homes
16. Maybe
17. Looking Forward
18. Summer in Sacramento
19. Packing Up
20. Leaving
21. Hope?
22. Reconcile
23. Lady Bird

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