Jonny Greenwood announces tour in support of collaborative album Junun

Jonny Greenwood announces tour in support of collaborative album Junun
$5 to anyone who can find Jonny Greenwood in the above picture

Jonny Greenwood, that gangly, mop-topped, sometimes guitar-wielding dreamboat we all know and love, has announced an upcoming, short solo tour. Well, a solo tour in the sense that it doesn’t include Ringo, Paul, or any of the other lovable lads from Radiohead, but not a solo tour in the sense that he’s not going to be up there alone, strumming and bleep-blooping (I think that’s the technical term) away. Greenwood will be joined by Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur and the 19-member Indian music group The Rajasthan Express in support of Junun, the 21-tet’s collaborative album from last year.

The tour will take place over seven dates starting November 3. If you have no idea what you might be getting yourself into, Greenwood described the music in a tweet as “Indian gypsy devotional funk! Or something. I play guitar.” If you’re still baffled, scroll down to watch “Hu,” an outtake from the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed documentary that captured the making of Junun. Semi-related: Is it just me, or is PTA essentially the eighth Beatle of Radiohead at this point?

In addition to the Junun dates, Greenwood will be performing a live score to There Will Be Blood with the London Contemporary Orchestra, on January 30. You can find more details on that and the Junun tour below.

Jonny Greenwood Tour Dates

11.04.16 - London, UK - Troxy (Illumination Festival)
11.05.16 - Turin, IT - Club 2 Club Festival
11.09.16 - Lausanne, CH - Les Docks
11.10.16 - Milan, IT - Teatro Dell’ Arte
11.11.16 - Rome, IT - Auditorium Parco Della Musica
11.12.16 - Berlin, DE - Funkhaus
11.13.16 - Utrecht, NL - Le Guess Who?
01.30.17 - London, UK - Royal Festival Hall

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