Josephine Foster’s I’m a Dreamer soon to be available in new, even dreamier North American edition

Josephine Foster's I'm a Dreamer soon to be available in new, even dreamier North American edition

People like to compare singers’ voices to birds. Nightingales and shit. Well fuck birds. Birds are so 2012. Psych-folk artist Josephine Foster’s voice ain’t the voice of a red-bellied warbler or whatever; it’s the sound of a Victrola getting all cranked up on a summer’s day. Oh yeah, and also it’s 1920 or something. There’s wheat. Fields of wheat. And uh, mint juleps. It’s like what William Faulkner closed his eyes and dreamed about when shit was just getting a little too heavy.

And whaddaya know? Josephine Foster’s I’m a Dreamer is getting released as a North American edition on April 8 via Fire Records. Recorded in Nashville by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes), the album comes with two bonus tracks and includes a cover of the Burt Bacharach-penned, Engelbert Humperdinck-performed “Love Was Here Before the Stars.” Foster is playing a couple shows in New York and Rhode Island in the coming weeks, and will embark on a full on tour this fall.


01.30.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Trans-Pecos
02.08.14 - Providence, RI - Columbus Theater

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