Junior Boys to release It’s All True in June… but is it?

Junior Boys to release It's All True in June... but is it?

Ah, those Junior Boys, how delicately they place their wispy Canadian voices atop those smoothly pulsating bass grooves. Their music is understated in nature, yet never fails to leave something underneath the skin of the listener, something warm… calming, even. And this is coming from someone who last listened to Junior Boys in 2007 and whose interest in the band has significantly waned since. Yet there’s no denying it, Junior Boys have a sexy nostalgia about them, and anything these boys (men?) have in the works is worth noting.

Recently, head Junior Boy Jeremy Greenspan took a sojourn in Shanghai, China to begin preliminary work on what has now become It’s All True, the follow-up to 2009’s Begone Dull Care (TMT Review). While there, Greenspan decided to capitalize (which is what us North Americans do naturally) on the local musical talent by enlisting musicians to play on the album. After returning to his native Canada, he gathered up co-Junior Boy Matthew Didemus to polish up the album, and now it will see the light of day on June 14 (20 in the UK) thanks to Domino. The album was produced and mixed with tender ease, and then mastered by Bob Weston, who is neither tender nor easy.

Its All True tracklisting:

01. Itchy Fingers
02. Playtime
03. You’ll Improve Me
04. A Truly Happy Ending
05. The Reservoir
06. Second Chance
07. Kick The Can
08. ep
09. Banana Ripple

• Junior Boys: http://www.juniorboys.net
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.us

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