Katamari Damacy video game soundtrack rolls onto vinyl for first time

Katamari Damacy video game soundtrack rolls onto vinyl for first time

We <3 Katamari!

Never has this been more true than today, with the announcement from Mondo that Namco’s 2004 cult classic PlayStation 2 action-puzzler Katamari Damacy is having its jazzy J-pop jingles literally PRESSED onto vinyl for the very first time. (Oh god, I hope they don’t break!)

If you young’uns — with all your Snapchats and your roller skate shoes — only understood approximately 50 percent of the words in that last paragraph, let me lay it all out: Katamari Damacy is a Japanese-developed video game in which you roll up everyday objects into a massive ball until they get big and pretty enough for your fuckup dad to transform into stars (seriously). It’s known for its bizarre visuals, its unique, fast-paced gameplay, and, of course, its transformative, genre-spanning soundtrack (composed by Yuu Miyake, Asuka Sakai, Akitaka Tohyama, Hideki Tobeta, Yoshihito Yano, and Yuri Misumi) which seemed to break all the barriers in 2004. (SIDENOTE: If you give us some Katamari action on the Switch, I swear I will praise the King of All Cosmos for the rest of my pitiful days.)

As is typical of Mondo special releases, the OST will be dangerously limited at just 3,000 copies. The release features original artwork by We Buy Your Kids, screen-printed poly bags to house the LPs, and dazzlingly psychedelic colored vinyl (green and purple swirl on disc one and red and white swirl on disc two) to pair with your favorite katamari. It will go on sale starting TOMORROW (a.k.a. Wednesday, March 21) at noon CT here, and it will ship out in “early April.” Good luck, non-scalpers!

Of course, if you must be immediately sated with a glance of those beautiful wax circles, check out all the artwork down below and/or see Mondo’s press release here.

…And with that, I guess there’s nothing left to say but: OH GOD PLEASE BANDAI-NAMCO KATAMARI SWITCH DO IT NOW!

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