Kayo Dot make peace with the coyotes by offering Coyote on vinyl. Also: a tour!

Kayo Dot make peace with the coyotes by offering Coyote on vinyl. Also: a tour!

If you know anything about coyotes (and I’m sure you do), you know that coyotes hate being limited to digital and CD formats. They hate hate hate it! So, I don’t understand why exactly psych-metalers Kayo Dot decided to initially release their recent record Coyote without also releasing it on vinyl. You guys hate coyotes or something? Do you want them to suffer without the sweet satisfaction of existing on vinyl? Just pure cruelty there.

Fortunately, Kayo Dot have since realized their mistake. Thus, an LP release of Coyote is now available. And a fancy LP release at that: it’s a 200-gram vinyl with alternate artwork and a letterpress jacket that has notches in which a 28” x 7” belt tucks in. Said belt features art by Toby Driver, who did the record’s cover and label art. Fancy stuff — so fancy in fact that only 750 exist. They’ll be selling the record on their November tour. Oh yeah, by the way, they’re touring North America in November. Thought you should know.

Kayo Dot dates:

11.08.10 - Montreal, QC - Casa del Popolo
11.09.10 - Ottawa, ON - Cafe Dekcuf
11.10.10 - Toronto, ON - Sneaky Dee’s
11.11.10 - Middletown, CT - Eclectic House (Wesleyan University)
11.12.10 - Baltimore, MD - Orion Sound Studios
11.13.10 - Bethlehem, PA - Secret Art Space
11.14.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Littlefield

• Kayo Dot: http://www.myspace.com/kayodot
• TAIGA: http://www.taigarecords.com

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