Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi, and Stephen O’Malley releasing album; this title shorter than any of the song titles on said album

Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi, and Stephen O'Malley releasing album; this title shorter than any of the song titles on said album

If I had to pick the one guy who likes to collaborate the most, I’d have to pick Keiji Haino. A quick glance at the portion of his discography listed with his name plus at least one other artist includes outings with: Peter Brotzmann, Loren Connors, Shoji Hano, Tatsuya Yoshida, Barre Phillips, Derek Bailey, Boris, Alan Licht, KK Null, Coil, Thurston Moore, My Cat Is an Alien, Tony Conrad, Pan Sonic, and most recently, Jim O’Rourke and Oren Ambarchi, among quite a few others. And that’s to say nothing of Haino’s solo albums and works with his various bands (Fushitsusha, Purple Trap, to name but two). The man is serious about releasing a lot of music, so it’s no surprise that another collaborative effort is on the horizon.

Following two albums featuring the Haino / Ambarchi / O’Rourke lineup (Tima Formosa; TMT Review, and Imikuzishi; TMT Review), The Wire is reporting that Haino and Ambarchi have swapped out Japanese homebody Jim O’Rourke with another O’musician: drone bassist Stephen O’Malley (of sunn 0)))). O’Malley will take on bass duties (duh), while Haino will wail on guitar, play synth, and “sing,” leaving Ambarchi to play the battery (with the definition of this as a music instrument yet to be determined).

The record will be titled Nazoranai and will be released on O’Malley’s micro-Mego label, Ideologic Organ on July 3. Haino likes to keep song titles simple, and the tracks on this release are no different. The album will be issued as regular old CD and, for twice the fun, as a double LP (which will contain the same amount of music… [sad trombone noise]).

Nazoranai tracklisting:

01. feel the ultimate joy towards the resolve of pillar being shattered within you again and again and again
02. not a joy to come closer but so-called a sacred insanity has finally appeared
03. getting a bit blurry, brush up your cartel and devote it to something
04. not to leave everything to the light outside of you but to be aware of the prayer “what do i want to do?” that exists inside of you, and let that go out of you as a light, or things might get worse, no?

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