Kevin Drumm set to release a very quiet record, though don’t call it ambient and don’t call it drone

Kevin Drumm set to release a very quiet record, though don't call it ambient and don't call it drone

Kevin Drumm has been on a bit of a splurge lately. After a 20-plus-year career of systematically fucking shit up with his tabletop guitar and collection of deedats and doohickeys spitting out albums of noisey glory on a host of labels around the world, he has recently turned to Bandcamp and flooded it with even more glorious ruckus at an alarming rate over the past two years.

For a man who doesn’t need a label to find an audience, the fact that he has returned to his spiritual home, Editions Mego, for his forthcoming album Trouble suggests that even Drumm reckons this one is pretty special.

Trouble will be released on October 13 and is up for pre-order now. The Editions Mego people also think it’s pretty special, describing it as a 54-minute odyssey of subtle sounds and textures which is “neither ambient nor drone.” Great, so now you know what it isn’t. Can you imagine what it is with their description of it being “a more complex investigation into the deep recesses of sound… which discreetly works itself into the mind of a listener willing to invest in the path laid out”?

Bear witness yourself via the excerpt below, but crank those speakers to 11 because they weren’t kidding when they described Trouble as one of Drumm’s more quiet excursions.

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[Photo: Dalston Sound]

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