Opposite of bollocks! Kickstarter UK to launch this month

Opposite of bollocks! Kickstarter UK to launch this month

I was going to pepper this news story with pithy British slang, but after looking through a pretty long list of common words and phrases, I’ve come to the realization that almost everything stereotypically “British” in English means either toilet, vagina, dick, obesity, or masturbation. Given that this is a story about the expansion of Kickstarter into the United Kingdom, it’s a bit of a struggle to fit such vulgarities into the narrative. Taking a different approach…

Got a great idea for a Belle & Sebastian / Sex Pistols mash-up cover band composed completely of Welsh Corgis, but just don’t have the money to make your dream come true? Your very British creation now has a place to rally for funding.

Not much has changed now that UK-based projects can be listed on Kickstarter. Donors will still be assessed a percentage of their donation if a project is successfully funded, while no fees will be assessed if a project does not meet its funding goals. Donors can come from anywhere in the world, but unlike donations for US projects, UK project donations will be processed locally instead of through Amazon payments.

If you’re in the UK and have an idea you want to try and get funding for, you can list it now and then open the flood gates for the huge influx of money that’s out there just waiting for you anytime after the site goes live on October 31.

If Amanda Palmer pops up on Kickstarter with a phony British accent asking for your hard-earned dollars (or pounds), though, please feel free to give her a virtual kick in her proverbial quim.

• Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com

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