Heavy-beat gurus KMFDM announce limited edition re-release of 1995’s Nihil, make us feel old as shit

Heavy-beat gurus KMFDM announce limited edition re-release of 1995's Nihil, make us feel old as shit

The only thing that makes me feel older than realizing Nihil — one of KMFDM’s most recognized and well-acclaimed albums — is going to be 23 years old this year, is the fact that KMFDM themselves will be celebrating their 35th anniversary as a “musical entity” in 2019.

Yeah, you read that right: thirty-fucking-fifth. Hard to believe, right? I mean, I know I’ve spent a large part of my early adulthood doing super important things like perfecting pot leaf latte art, but damn…I guess our dad’s were right when they told us that time flies.

Either way: as a “celebration” of sorts to mark their three-and-a-half decades of existence (and brilliant ultra heavy beat production), the German-American-British band will be re-releasing Nihil later this year in 2xLP format at a currently-undisclosed-but-soon-to-be-released exact date.

The (re)release will be coming on the heels of last year’s Hell Yeah, which was the band’s 20th(!) full-length studio record. Nihil sold right around 200,000 copies back in its mid-90’s heyday, but this time around only 1,000 limited edition LP’s will be pressed: 500 on green vinyl, 250 in a slick black and smoke gray swirl, and the rest on “boring old” black.

Also, a deluxe 100-copy version of the re-release will be available that will include some FKNGSWT handmade aluminum album cover art by Ohio-based metalworker Rachel Schutt, whose work has been featured by the likes of the Ohio Art League and the COSI Center for Science and Industry. In addition to being described as “utterly convincing” by none other than KMFDM front man Sascha Konietzko, these rare 45 RPM heavyweights will apparently have “superb sound quality,” as compared to their (apparently normal-sounding) regular-weight vinyl counterpoints.

All four versions of the 2xLP package are currently available for pre-order over at the KMFDM store; but ‘ya better act quick if you wanna get your thump-loving fingers on a copy, ‘cos those 1,000 copies will no doubt go faster than a 260-bpm KMFDM jam.

And finally, for all you KMFDM devotees out there, you’ll be pleased to hear that the band is currently working diligently on their 21st full-length record, which is expected to throttle the heads of the masses by early 2019.

limited edition hand-made metal cover art

Nihil 2xLP tracklisting:

Vinyl 1: Side A

01. Ultra
02. Brute
03. Revolution

Vinyl 1: Side B

04. Terror
05. Dis-o-bedience
06. Search & Destroy

Vinyl 2: Side A

07. Juke-Joint Jezebel
08. Flesh

Vinyl 2: Side B

09. Beast
10. Trust
11. Nihil

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