Kompakt launches online record store that will only sell “limited edition” records and chocolate, because it’s just not a German store without chocolate

Kompakt launches online record store that will only sell "limited edition" records and chocolate, because it's just not a German store without chocolate

Kompakt, the well-respected Germanic techno label, long ago started its life of musical relevancy as a record store, and ever since it became a label only, it’s been missing the days of plastic bags, registers, and handing out change. However, like anyone who’s worked at a record store will tell you, no matter how cool it is to work at the record store, it still sucks to do all the work and be forced to talk to every idiot that comes in.

Faced with this dilemma, Kompakt has agreed to compromise and has decided to open up an online-only record store. The lovely online store will be titled KOMPAKT.FM EXKLUSIV. It will be a place where “extremely limited edition, collectible CD/12-inch releases and more” will be made available for the electronic music-loving people of the world to buy. Plenty of music is slated for release — Gus Gus, Wolfgang Voigt, Matias Aguayo, etc. — but the most exciting looks to be a 7-inch from… Panda Bear!

When queried about how excited Kompakt was about the new store, they replied with a press release, stating that the new venture is a “tremendously exciting step for us and represents a rebirth of the origins of KOMPAKT’s intention — being an independent record store and label that is able to offer our fans directly a wealth of exciting new releases and lost tunes that folks aren’t able to find anywhere else.”

• Kompakt: http://www.kompakt.fm

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