Korg releases new synth for Nintendo 3DS

Korg releases new synth for Nintendo 3DS

Korg has just announced the release of a new “soft synth” geared up specifically for the Nintendo 3DS. The DSN-12 was designed with app-builders Detune and features 12 monophonic synths based on the classic Korg MS-10. According to Resident Advisor, “You can add up to three effects to each of them—with modules ranging from delay and flanger to compression—and sequence them individually. Then, you can combine them into larger patterns and up to 99 ‘scenes.’” Sounds like this puppy also comes with a 3D oscillator that lets you visualize your voyage through arpeggiated insanity.

If you are totally feeling this handheld soon-to-be-vintage synth madness, you can complete your sweet rig with the Korg iMS-20, an app (also designed with Detune) for the iPad that functions similarly to the DSN-12. Put both of those right on top of Korg’s recent re-creation of the ARP Odyssey and you could be lost in space for days.

Check out a preview of the DSN-12 below:

• Korg: http://www.korg.com
• Detune: http://www.detune.co.jp

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