Kraftwerk release “interactive 24-hour music generator” iPhone/iPad app; Florian Schneider must be one angry bird

Kraftwerk release "interactive 24-hour music generator" iPhone/iPad app; Florian Schneider must be one angry bird

Kraftwerk: electronic music pioneers, visionary artists, and now app developers??

Sorry, I always wanted to start off a story like that. Anyway, Kling Klang Machine — No. 1 has just been released on the iTunes Store, and it’s just like any other iPhone/iPad app, except this one was created by the holy grandfathers of mathematical rhythmic sound. For $8.99, you can roam around your environs with the Kling Klang Machine booted up and marvel as it “creates music and sound based on realtime data depending on your location.” Hear that, residents of Funky Town?

If you’d like more information, you probably won’t find it in this exceedingly confusing list of features:

24 hours automated music

Bidirectional cross line: tempo and tune of sound
Zoom: room – sound – effect
Save: 2 memory locations for control settings
Reset: All settings back to default

Auto: Matrix sequence – variation after 16 steps
Loop: 16 step sequence in a loop
Clear: Clear matrix
Save: 2 memory locations for sequencer

Direct access to all parameters through direct controls
Save: 2 memory locations for controller settings
Reset: All settings back to default

Other than the revolutionary “Reset” button detailed above, this app might seem a little gimmicky to the average Kraftwerk fan, and a little light on actual user interactivity. However, prepare to have your presumptions shattered and your mind blown as I present to you two Krafticized songs created with the Kling Klang Machine, courtesy of SoundCloud user Dr. Nemmo.

Blur’s “Song 2”:

The Guess Who/Sir Lenny Kravitz’s “American Woman”:

I dare you to listen to those without smiling.

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