Kranky Means Kwality! Nudge (JMOF/Strategy) to Release New Joint!

Those looking for some funky post-rock jammage, listen up! Los Angeles-based Nudge (not to be confused with The Nuge), featuring members of
Jackie-O Motherfucker and Strategy, are slated to drop a doozy via Kranky on September 7. As Good As Gone is a slow-burning, gorgeous follow-up to 2005's Cached (TMT Review). While the subterranean groove and minor-key construction on As Good As Gone evoke a more haunting, nighttime-appropriate flavor, there’s also a visceral optimism that
runs underneath the record’s seven songs like groundwater. Perhaps
it’s the playfulness between genres and moods, or the freewheeling
construction of the songs... or perhaps not all noise/post-rock/freak-psych kids like to make nihilistic records. Yes, I've heard it, and it's good.

You will like it, too:

1. Harmo
2. Two Hands
3. Verdantique
4. Aurolac
5. Tito
6. Burns Blue
7. Dawn Comes Light

A European tour (possibly with labelmate White Rainbow) supporting the
record will follow. In the meantime, get a glimpse of the new album
via the group's MyYourOurSpace.

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