Lakker embrace the love language of quality time, reunite on a new album: Época

Lakker embrace the love language of quality time, reunite on a new album: Época
Lakker, content to just be near one another

One way or another, two people have to find the right way that works for them to reignite the spark in their relationship. For some, it’s physical touch; for others: acts of service. For Lakker, the duo of Ian McDonnel (Eomac) and Dara Smith (Arad), apparently it’s quality time. Years after their Struggle and Emerge EP, the two decided to really spend some time together for real. This dedicated face-time resulted in Época, a brand new album on R&S Records that arrives March 15.

“Previous records involved a lot of time working on tracks individually, but Época was written almost entirely together in the studio,” writes McDonnel. “It felt much more fun, more organic and democratic.”

Want to know how much it means to really just sit down and be with someone you care about? Well, first of all: you should try it! But also, you can get a sense of that feeling with the first track from Época streaming down below! “A Whisper In Your Ear” marches with the same blend of ambiance and animated rhythm that has heretofore defined Lakker’s sound.

This approach was reportedly informed by a mutual interest both in pack dynamics/flock patterns and natural sounds/background noise. (No, not that kind of noise; this kind of noise.)

Pre-order the record now, and then…run. Run. RUN to your loved ones and ask them today: “when can we spend some quality time together?” Then, just watch the magic happen. Just ask these guys! It works!

Época by Lakker - Album Artwork

Época tracklisting:

01. Shoulder To The Bat
02. 100 Bar
03. Nest
04. A Juggling Of Numbers
05. Clavier
06. Dropped Shoulders
07. A Whisper In Your Ear
08. Body From The Water
09. Murmuration
10. Discourage It All

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