Laura Veirs Tours With The Decemberists, and I’m Uneasy About Making a Joke Because Her Music Is Just So Damn Innocent

Go on, just try and make a joke regarding Laura Veirs. If you do end up making a funny about her, then you're an asshole. That's right, you're a fucking asshole if you can't take Laura Veirs seriously. Homegirl is crazy talented and makes some beautiful music. Don't even call her out on her education either. She's fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has a degree in Geology. Also, don't even attempt to say that she's not musically versatile or active in supporting her gender either 'cause Laura soooo totally started an all-girl punk rock band called "Rair Kx!" when she was in college. Did you start one? Didn't think so.

Alright, I guess I could make fun of her for camping a lot with her family when she was younger. Come on, you can't get much lamer than that. I usually spend my summers inside being antisocial and playing video games, and look at me, I'm totally fine.

Catch the nicest and sweetest artist in the industry making magic with Colin Meloy and the gang at these dates:

* The Decemberists

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