Laurel Halo has bought you a present and it’s European tourdates. Sorry to ruin the surprise.

Laurel Halo has bought you a present and it's European tourdates. Sorry to ruin the surprise.

Another year, another birthday. You’re getting older. It’s bittersweet, that’s for sure. But, chin up, a birthday is always a time to rejoice. All your friends are here, look at the presents pile up. There’s also a cake. No matter what, cake is tasty. Now, hey, look there. It’s Brooklyn-based electronic artist Laurel Halo. She has a debut album called Quarantine coming out through Hyperdub on May 28. She’s here with her friend Dummy Magazine. Just a tip, if you ever want some inside info on what Laurel’s up to, ask Dummy, they’ll know. Laurel Halo’s coming right over here and she’s got a big present for you. Why don’t you open it? But wait! Wait just a second. Look into my eyes real quick. I have something to tell you. You see that gift?

It’s European dates. That’s all.

Oh no! Now everybody’s crying and yelling at me. I ruined the surprise and I ruined the party. I ruined your party because I hate you. I hate you so much. Goodbye. Go see Laurel Halo on her European tour, because she does not hate you. Now that I mention it, I’m also going on tour. You should go to that one, too. I will spend 90 minutes on stage telling you how much I hate you.

Laurel Halo dates:

05.24.12 - Lisbon, Portugal - ZDB
o5.25.12 - Guimarães, Portugal - Centro Cultural Vila Flor
05.26.12 - Modena, Italy - May Day! Festival
05.27.12 - Athens, Greece - Bios
05.30.12 - Paris, France - Point Ephémère
05.31.12 - Glasgow, Scotland - The Arches
06.01.12 - Manchester, UK - Islington Mill
06.02.12 - London, UK - Field Day Festival
06.05.12 - Liverpool, UK - Kazimier
06.06.12 - Stockholm, Sweden - Färgfabriken
06.07.12 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen
06.09.12 - Luzern, Switzerland - Südpol
06.11.12 - Moscow, Russia - The Design Center Artplay
06.14.12 - Madrid, Spain - Picnic Sessions/CA2MESP
06.15.12 - Barcelona, Spain - Nitsa/Off Sonar

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