Laurel Halo shares new tour dates, streams new album early because nothing matters anymore

Laurel Halo shares new tour dates, streams new album early because nothing matters anymore
Photo: Phillip Aumann

Welcome, everybody, to 2017, where the album release dates are made up and traditional marketing doesn’t matter! Ahead of the official release of Laurel Halo’s third LP Dust on Friday, Hyperdub has made the entire album available for streaming on their Soundcloud page. Is this a thank you gift to the world for doing all we can to survive the unprecedented geopolitical hell we currently find ourselves in? Seems likely.

Of course, you’re thinking: that news isn’t substantial enough to devote an entire article to, right? Well, as USUAL, you’d be wrong…but, in this case, there is indeed more to the story: Laurel Halo has some new tour dates! I know, I know, you should be very excited — particularly if you live in New York or a major population center in Europe (that’s a hint). You can check out the full list of those glorious, feed-topping, click-baiting, hype cycle-revving tour dates below…you know, after the FULL STREAM OF LAUREL HALO’S NEW ALBUM.

(Dust ostensibly arrives on store shelves June 23, but I’m not sure what that even means anymore.)

Laurel Halo-go-round, 2.0:

06.22.17 - London, UK - Corsica (Album launch with Covco & Otolith Group) [DJ set]
06.23.17 - Berlin, Germany - OHM (Album launch with Kode9, Amnesia Scanner, Linnea) [DJ set]
07.07.17 - Oslo, Norway - Blaa [DJ set]
07.21.17 - New York, NY - Issue Project Room
07.22.17 - New York, NY - MoMA PS1 Warmup [DJ set]
08.11.17 - Hamburg, Germany - Kampnagel Festival
08.12.17 - Hannover, Germany - TBA
08.23.17 - Kiev, Ukraine - Brave! Festival

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