Lawrence English considers the future on upcoming Room40 LP Cruel Optimism

Lawrence English considers the future on upcoming Room40 LP Cruel Optimism
Photo: Traianos Pakioufakis

Sensationalized and over-saturating media coverage has the tendency to make us feel as though the world’s perpetually going to shit, but there’s no doubt that, as we head toward the final month of 2016, there are causes for concern presently spanning multiple continents. Brisbane, Australia-based musician (and Room40 head) Lawrence English attests to seeing and hearing the hints of these now-realized issues back when he was working on Wilderness of Mirriors, and with his upcoming album on Room40, he highlights a feeling that many of us — especially those of us who have the luxury to look beyond on our own personal circumstances — can relate: “What the hell can I do about it?” “Is my weekly volunteering really making a difference?” “Well, the cultural paradigm doesseem be shifting in a positive direction…”

Cruel Optimism is out February 17, 2017, and in addition to the intellectual influence that readings from American theorist Lauren Berlant had, English also recruited some insights and talent from various musician pals around the globe. Such individuals include Mats Gustafsson (of Fire! Orchestra), Norman Westberg (Swans), and Mary Rapp, though the album ultimately sounds very much like one of English’s individualized drone long-players.

This sounds like one that was personally important to English. Maybe you’ll be able to pre-order the album on the Room40 website at some point.

Cruel Optimism tracklisting:

01. Hard Rain
02. The Quietest Shore
03. Hammering A Screw
04. Crow
05. Requiem For A Reaper Pillar Of Cloud
06. Exquisite Human Microphone
07. Object Of Projection
08. Negative Drone
09. Somnambulist
10. Moribund Territories

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