Liars recording new album; other liars speaking at GOP debates

Liars recording new album; other liars speaking at GOP debates

The last we’d heard from experimental rock band Liars, vocalist Angus Andrew and percussionist Julian Gross were collaborating on John Wiese’s Seven of Wands (TMT Review). This would prove to be a good indicator of what’s to come next for Liars. With the last releases Liars (TMT Review) and Sisterworld (TMT Review), we found the band taking a more direct approach to straight-forward rock songwriting, thus dodging critics of their more experimental and cryptic work.

But at the beginning of this year, Liars began a Tumblr page announcing a new record in the works and featuring regular updates on the recording process. If the blog is to be taken as any indicator of what’s to come, it looks like the band will be returning to their more experimental territories. The majority of the updates feature vague or avant-garde imagery, such as Angus Andrew riding a bike or a piece of fruit plugged into a distortion pedal. Hopefully this means we’re in store for a new collection as brilliant as They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (TMT Review) or Drum’s Not Dead (TMT Review).

Liars’ Tumblr also announced they were able to get their “idol” to produce the record and posted a couple of images of the band next to a pixelated mystery figure. I can barely stand all this anticipation!

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