Library music gets compiled on upcoming, decidedly non-free release Unusual Sounds

Library music gets compiled on upcoming, decidedly non-free release Unusual Sounds

Contrary to some expectations — and even though Brian Eno seemingly popularized the concept of explicitly making “music for” specific contexts — the current body of “library music” is decidedly NOT filled to the brim with tunes that only Melvil Dewey and his spectacled proteges would enjoy.

Actual library music consists of an array of musical styles, and what distinguishes it as a genre of music actually stems from the way in which said music has historically been utilized. WFMU’s Free Music Archive is mostly dedicated to what can be considered “library music,” and if you’ve ever spent some time producing music on your own, chances are you’ve come across stock sounds and/or songs that have generously been dropped seemingly out of nowhere by the muzak gods themselves, either for your listening or repurposing pleasure.

Talent-unheralded is basically the name of the game as far as library music goes, so kudos to Anthology Recordings for bringing some recognition to artists who were previously content to simply “lend” their libraratorial labors. Anthology is releasing a library music compilation called Unusual Sounds on November 9, and the release consists of various and rare stock recordings from the late 20th century. Name-dropping any of the featured artists is essentially futile, but you can listen to a couple of tracks below.

The musical release of Unusual Sounds is also supplemented by a 332-page book called Unusual Sounds: The Hidden History of Library Music, available now (outside of the bundles with the CD or LP) and written by David Hollander. Hollander’s an expert on this unique corner of the music world.

Pre-order the words with the music here.

Unusual Sounds tracklisting:

01. Keith Mansfield - Funky Fanfare
02. Stefano Torossi - Running Fast
03. D. Patucchi - La Dimostrazione
04. Klaus Weiss - Survivor
05. Janko Nilovic - Xenos Cosmos
06. V. Geminiani - Ophis Le Serpentaire
07. Stringtronics - Tropicola
08. Stefano Torossi - Feeling Tense
09. Gary Pacific Orchestra - Soft Wind
10. John Cameron - Half Forgotten Daydreams
11. F. Micalizzi - Night Breeze
12. Les Hurdle, Kathleen Poppy, & Madeline Bell - You’ve Got What It Takes
13. Electric Machine - Fancy Good
14. C. Cordio & F. Vinciguerra - Quips and Cranks
15. Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti - Dissolves
16. Joel Vandroogenbroeck & Walt Rockman - Fairy Tale
17. Mladen Franko - Weeping Eelgrass
18. Peter Patzer - Mild Maniac
19. Joel Vandroogenbroeck & Marc Monsen - Group Meditation
20. Roland Hollinger - Dream Number Two

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