Meet Goldberg, the latest unjustly forgotten gem, due soon on Light in the Attic

Meet Goldberg, the latest unjustly forgotten gem, due soon on Light in the Attic

Attention, pop archaeologists! If you’ve been dreaming about unearthing another unjustly forgotten folk artist (which of course you have been, because OF COURSE), then today is your lucky day! For the venerable Light in the Attic is reissuing Minneapolis singer-songwriter Goldberg’s obscure 1974 solo LP Misty Flats on July 24, when it will be available on deluxe LP, CD, and digital download.

Born Barry Thomas Goldberg, the singer was 23 when he recorded his solo LP after the breakup of his power-pop group The Batch. The LP features Goldberg and his pal, cult figure Michael Yonkers, who helped finance the album after receiving a sum of money after suffering from several crushed vertebrae at work. “I wanted to make the first punk rock album, and if I’d recorded those songs with a band, maybe that’s what it would’ve been,” he said. What you’ll get instead is an album recorded in mono on a two-track Ampex tape machine that was originally pressed in a run of 500 copies. The reissue contains an exclusive interview with Goldberg and previously unseen archive photos. (Fun fact: Goldberg currently works for the Minnesota Twins baseball team.)

Preview the track “Hollywood” here:


01. Hollywood
02. Stars In The Sand
03. Never Came To Stay
04. Golden Sun
05. Cry A Little Bit
06. Misty Flats
07. China Doll
08. Pop and Ice
09. Magic Cloud
10. City Rain
11. Never Stop Dreaming

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