Lil B’s I’m Gay is out now, really still has that title (sort of)

Lil B's I'm Gay is out now, really still has that title (sort of)

By now, it’s obvious that Lil B is the walking personification of the internet. The man is like a LOLCat surfing on a Twitter feed while eating a YouTube pizza and high-fiving the “O RLY?” owl. Or something like that, fill in your own memes. Lil B does as the internet does and the internet releases its albums by just making them appear out of thin air. As such, Lil B releases his albums the same way. With no prior announcement whatsoever, Lil B’s new record I’m Gay (I’m Happy) was released on iTunes on Wednesday night.

Considering that Lil B is in the habit of dropping songs and records whenever he damn well pleases, which tends to be every waking second, this sudden release isn’t that surprising. But due to its somewhat surprising title (and significantly less interesting addendum to said title), I’m Gay has boasted a higher profile than the other dozen albums Lil B has released/will release this year. What you must understand, though, is that the internet does what it pleases and Lil B is the internet. With that established, you can purchase I’m Gay through iTunes right now, because it is a real thing.

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