LimeWire owes $105 million to the major labels, two overdue books to the library

LimeWire owes $105 million to the major labels, two overdue books to the library

LimeWire, who we all know has been involved in some copyright infringement over the years, has just made headlines once again by announcing that they will settle copyright lawsuits they had with 13 music labels for 105 million Britney Spears CDs — I mean dollars.

“We are pleased to have reached a large monetary settlement following the court’s finding that both LimeWire and its founder Mark Gorton personally liable for copyright infringement,” RIAA Chairman and CEO Mitch Bainwol bragged about in a prepared statement, while surely high-fiving his fellow corporate buddies. “As the court heard during the last two weeks, LimeWire wreaked enormous damage on the music community, helping contribute to thousands of lost jobs and fewer opportunities for aspiring artists.” However, as is always the case, music label CEOs fail to mention that people only illegally download because major label music is so shitty that it’s never worth paying for unless the words Lil or Wayne are involved.

Major labels Arista, Atlantic, BMG Music, Capitol, Elektra, Interscope, LaFace, Motown, Priority, Sony, Universal, Virgin, and Warner Brothers will all be getting a cut of the settlement money and will surely use it to pay a mindless A&R man to sign another moronic and untalented former contestant of American Idol. Keep on keepin’ on, America!

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