Little Wings return! New LP/CD Black Grass from folk romantic Kyle Field in February

Little Wings return! New LP/CD Black Grass from folk romantic Kyle Field in February

Chocolate Grinder’s ahead of the game on this one, but we thought that bit of news was just big enough that we’d make sure you heard. Kyle Field, the man behind Little Wings, has let fly a new song, but more importantly, it comes from Black Grass — his first LW album since 2007’s Soft Pow’r. The album is slated for release on February 25, from RAD (Marriage Records).

We’d almost lost sight of Field over the last few years, though he was busy in a gentle, meandering kind of way. In the same year that saw Soft Pow’r, the label Ahornfelder published Put It in a Nutshell, an impressive book of Kyle’s drawings (for those who didn’t know, he’s as talented in visual arts as aural). In 2008, Field switched things up (well, just a little) by putting out an album under the name Be Gulls, consisting of himself and Lee Baggett. There have also been art exhibitions, some shows on the West Coast, and t-shirts offered from Rad Records (Field’s own corner of Marriage), but not too much recorded material short of a Daytrotter session last January.

You might recognize several of the songs posted in the 2010 Daytrotter session on Black Grass, which will continue the same intimate, lolling feeling of previous Little Wings records. According to Field, his newest work is influenced by such disparate references as Dos (one of several post-Minutemen bands, this one featuring Mike Watt and ex-wife/ex-Black Flag’s Kirra Roessler) and the song “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys. Who knew? Whatever the outcome, we’re excited.

Black Grass tracklisting:

01. Gold Teeth
02. How Come?
03. Mr. Natural
04. Can I Knock on This Door
05. I Grow Too
06. Come Fall
07. Stay Joking
08. Fall Skull
09. Little Bit
10. Black Grass

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