Live from New York! It’s Radiohead on Saturday Night Live!

Live from New York! It's Radiohead on Saturday Night Live!

Saturday Night Live, everyone’s favorite live-improv show on Saturday nights, and Radiohead, everyone’s favorite newspaper-publishing Britons, have reached an agreement and will soon be scratching each other’s backs.

According to various reports and press releases, Radiohead will perform on SNL’s 37th season premiere, scheduled for September 24, along with host Alec Baldwin, who will be appearing for a record-breaking 16th time. Radiohead, who have been trying extremely hard lately to reach a wider audience, are hoping that Saturday Night Live’s history of turning unknowns into stars (such as Pat, Rob Schneider, Fishbone, and Horatio Sanz) will help them finally crossover and become a hit with US audiences. On the flipside, Saturday Night Live are hoping they can be cool again, cuz let’s face it, Seth Meyers just ain’t doin’ it.

“I’m (as in me, Alec Baldwin) really looking forward to the show and to Radiohead’s unique brand of “Electro-Depression.” It should be really fun,” said host Alec Baldwin as he prepared his lunch with a Tracy Jordan Meat Machine. Meat is the new bread!

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