Lo-fi synth pioneers The Nightcrawlers release spaced-out ambient collection, premiere track “Crystal Loop III” + unseen zine photos

Lo-fi synth pioneers The Nightcrawlers release spaced-out ambient collection, premiere track "Crystal Loop III” + unseen zine photos
When innovating spaced-out synth jams, it helps to tuck-in one's sweater.

Way back during the halcyon 80s, when concert flyers still had info hotlines, The Nightcrawlers were toiling away in a dusty garage, tweaking away at their considerable collection of classic synths and compiling the results to cassette. The trio — comprised of Dave Lunt and brothers Pete and Tom Gulch — crafted spaced-out electronica as love letters to the exciting music coming out of Germany around the time: projects like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schultze, Conrad Schnitzler, Cluster, and of course, a certain quartet of mensch-maschines.

While The Nightcrawlers could be heard at Philly’s Painted Bride Arts Center and on WXPN, they’ve remained in relative obscurity until now. Anthology has assembled The Biophonic Boombox Recordings, an extensive compilation featuring The Nightcrawlers’ best all-night jam sessions, when the group found the most creative energy. The extended, meandering improvisations and the lo-fi tape quality, recorded straight into a JVC Biphonic boombox, are essential parts of the dreamy charm. The collection represents the cream of the crop from over 35 cassettes, all unique versions that have never before been available. It’s remarkable that the recordings have held up as well as they have.

But Anthology has outdone themselves outside the two and a half hours of fresh music; also included is a 28-page zine, complete with a substantial essay that contextualizes the formative Philadelphia scene in which the ‘Crawlers were situated. And just for fun, there are some photos of the trio from younger and more idealistic times, as well as some of those classic concert flyers too.

The album is out February 23 on deluxe vinyl, expanded edition CD, and digital (head here to pre-order). And today, get your dose of warm synth goodness with our exclusive premiere of the track “Crystal Loop III,” in all of its pulsing, eerily tintinnabulous, 12-minute glory. Then, have a gander at a 10-slide preview of the 28-page zine which accompanies the release.

Anthology Artifacts Vol 1 Issue 1: The Nightcrawlers Uncovered

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The Biophonic Boombox Recordings tracklisting:

01. Phase I - Discovery and Approach
02. Beckoning Beacon
03. Luv-Li-Musik
04. Crystal Loop III
05. Geistesblitz
06. Sizzling Highs
07. Transsonic
08. Baba Yaga’s Flight
09. Barriers
10. Awakening
11. Zeitgeber
12. Spring Torsion
13. Modern Pre-Flight
14. Reprieve

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