Loren Connors, Sic Alps, Amen Dunes, Steven R. Smith, and many others contribute to Japan benefit comp

Loren Connors, Sic Alps, Amen Dunes, Steven R. Smith, and many others contribute to Japan benefit comp

Man is it hard to type up this story about people still needing help in a foreign country when I’ve got this wild sense of duty, right here in my sack, to just get rowdy all week in honor of the #1 fuggin’ nation in history. I mean, hello, talk about balls to the wall yesterday, no? Here’s my take on it: yeeeuh! GET SOME. Next round’s on me. One in the can for Uncle Sam. I could go on, but the higher-ups at TMT look down on this kind of talk (big surprise), so let’s take a minute or two before the bartender comes back to briefly mention a compilation benefitting the relief efforts in Japan. But then it’s back to slammin’ em back for justice, okay?

Electric Temple Records have curated a double-cassette compilation called Gaman: A Ceremony for Japan that includes exclusive tracks from two dozen artists of supreme quality, including scuzz-savants Sic Alps, antler-bejeweled Steven R. Smith, cabin-fevery Amen Dunes, spectre-stringed Loren Connors, and up-and-coming-prodigy-types Reuben Son and Angel Olsen. I haven’t even settled on descriptors for William Fowler Collins, Zelienople, Lee Noble, The North Sea, Animal Hospital, and Steve Gunn! This compilation (also available digitally) is only $12, with all proceeds going to ShelterBox, a relief organization that “provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world,” currently stationed in Japan. Electric Temple will be tracking the boxes that are sent to families as the benefit goes on, so all who contribute can see the direct impact their money is making.

I think this compilation is a good thing, though the fact that it doesn’t directly praise the United States leaves me skeptical, frankly. You can decide for yourself, though, because it’s been 10 minutes and that means bottom’s up with this next shot.

Gaman: A Ceremony for Japan tracklisting:

Cassette 1:
01. Animal Hospital, “Dreams”
02. William Fowler Collins, “Autumn Lights”

03. High Aura’d, “Methodist Bells”

04. Phantom Family Halo, “Guns and Violens”

05. Steven R. Smith, “Regen Volt, Soka Lesz V.s 2”

06. Glenn Jones, “Portland Cement Factory” (John Fahey cover)

07. Angel Olsen, “She Came and She Touched Me” (Townes Van Zandt cover)

08. Peter Stampfel and Eli Smith, Castor and Pollux”

09. Zelienople, “Smoked”

10. Lee Noble, “August”

11. Loren Connors, “Yesterday and Today”

Cassette 2:
01. Forma, “FORMA 178”

02. GDFX, “Forever a Bone”

03. Reuben Son, “Dancing into Sandtraps”

04. Ancient Ocean, “New Sun Rising”

05. Sic Alps, “Anasazi Chemist”

06. Herbcraft, “Sunset Glow”

07. The North Sea, “Sugar”

08. Clearing, “untitled”

09. Amen Dunes, “Lower Class”

10. Heavy Hymns, “Prayer”

11. SWATi (David First), “4/6/11 17:38:23-17:43:49” (excerpt)

12. Rambutan, “The Kingfisher”

13. Steve Gunn, “Taksim II” (Live in Montreal)

• Electric Temple: http://electrictemple.tumblr.com

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