LOUD.COM and WU-TANG OFFER CHANCE TO OPEN FOR THE WU IN HAWAII, SOME PEOPLE WAIT A LIFETIME FOR A MOMENT LIKE THIS (Some people search forever for that one special kiss, I can’t believe its happening to me, Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this)

HIP-HOP is the GOOD FIGHT, ladies and gents. Get yo’ head in da’ game – show off yo’ rhyme-dropping for a chance to open for Wu-Tang in Oahu, Hawaii this September. Who knows. You could be the next rose to grow from concrete.

Better lace those kicks a little faster, son; the contest closes August 20.

THE DEAL: From a pool of ten finalists, The RZA himself will choose da’ internet hip-hop contest king.

Or queen.

Seriously. That means you, Kelly Clarkson.

Careers CAN turn around; I mean, just look at Kirstie Alley. Everyone thought she was over with after Cheers and that movie with the Olsen twins and Steve Guttenberg. But look at her now. Just look at her now. Self-marketing, Kelly Baby.

Grills, maybe?

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