Lower Dens announce new album, drop first single “Brains,” possibly a veiled endorsement of Newt Gingrich

Lower Dens announce new album, drop first single "Brains," possibly a veiled endorsement of Newt Gingrich

Lower Dens — you know, the newish rock band led by Jana Hunter, former lead singer for the influential band Jana Hunter — are proving once again that they’re the hardest working indie-leaning group with initials LD (sit down, Lavender Diamond and Lucky Dragons) by announcing only 17 days into the new year that they have a new album coming out May 1 AND a first single from said album. The single is called “Brains,” and by leap of faith I’m going to say that the album is called Nootropics, based on what’s written in the “Album” field of the Mp3 once you’ve downloaded it. Hey, the Mp3! Go get it! Click on the big picture here to download, or click here to make less of a commitment and just stream it.

After releasing Twin-Hand Movement (TMT Review) in 2010 on Hunter’s long-time label Gnomonsong, the band was later spotted releasing a 7-inch via Sub Pop on the most recent Record Store Day, and somewhere along the way they lost both their drummer and a guitarist — go here to read about all that, but to summarize: they couldn’t handle the punishing schedule nor the future plans to sell Lower Dens-emblazoned Mike’s Hard Lemonade coozies. The good news is that apparently their replacement drummer is effin’ Nate Nelson of Mouthus and Crazy Dreams Band!

If you’ll allow me to make one last conjecture, given that “Brains” is streaming on Ribbon Music’s SoundCloud page and available for preorder on 10-inch vinyl, plus Ribbon put out that last John Maus record and are going to put out that next Black Dice record, it sure seems like Nootropics is going to be on Ribbon. It’s the way these labels work, man… put your ear to the ground and suck in the fumes. You’re not young anymore. Get wise.

Nootropics tracklisting:

01. Alphabet Song
02. Brains
03. Stem
04. Propagation
05. Lamb
06. Candy
07. Lion in Winter Pt. 1
08. Lion in Winter Pt. 2
09. Nova Anthem
10. In the End is the Beginning

• Lower Dens: http://lowerdens.com
• Ribbon: http://www.ribbonmusic.com

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