Madlib teams up with Freddie Gibbs to deliver another Madvillain 2 stopgap

Madlib teams up with Freddie Gibbs to deliver another Madvillain 2 stopgap

Madlib a.k.a. Otis Jackson Jr. a.k.a. The Beat Konducta a.k.a. The Loop Digga a.k.a. Quasimoto a.k.a. Yesterdays New Quintet a.k.a. DJ Rels a.k.a. Monk Hughes a.k.a. Malik Flavors a.k.a. Ahmad Miller a.k.a. Kamala Walker a.k.a. Joe McDuphrey a.k.a. The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble has just recently collaborated with Gary, Indiana’s finest rapper Freddie Gibbs a.k.a. that guy who awkwardly smoked weed with Best Coast at P4K Fest. The two have a thus-far untitled full-length album in the works that’s planned for Q1 of 2012, but in the meantime there’s an EP available now, though I’d really call it a maxi-single since it’s two vocal tracks, the instrumentals, and some bonus beats — also because I love to see people’s faces when I correct them over pointless technicalities.

The “EP” is called Thuggin’, and based on the title track it’s probably because the mixture of Gibbs’ hard rhymes and Madlib’s fillet-of-soul creates a sound that moves beyond mere “dope shit” into “straight thuggin’” territory. The 12-inch is released on Madlib’s own imprint, Madlib Invazion, as the first non-Medicine Show release on the label, and can be ordered aquí.

Thuggin’ EP tracklisting:

A1. Thuggin’
A2. Thuggin’ (instrumental
A3. Riot Call (bonus beats)
B1. Deep
B2. Deep (instrumental)
B3. Cold on the Blvd (bonus beats)

• Madlib:
• Freddie Gibbs:

[Photo: Matthew Scott]

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